Restoration Woman

In the program Restoration Man, George Clarke helps rescue neglected architectural treasures across Britain. Given the story of Mount Caroline being saved from oblivion, the current owner could rightly claim the title of ‘Restoration Woman’. She was drawn to this land on the edge of Maldon because of the position, views and water.  This land ticked all her boxes. With Mt Tarrengower as a backdrop and two creeks running through the property it was ideal. But it had no home on it.

With no desire to build a new home Leonie began a lengthy search to find a special home, with history and character to relocate to the site.

She fondly remembers what a stroke of luck it was to find this  old charmer with links to lovely old homesteads such as Emu Bottom and Tyntynder, near Swan Hill.

Mount Caroline was the home of Doctor Robert Dick who had been a household name in the Yarrambat-Doreen district. Sold repeatedly and finally left to disintegrate, with a trotting track running around the outside, Mount Caroline was quite literally spared and bought back from the brink.

Mount Caroline was a huge homestead situated on the top of a hill, with an extremely steep driveway, so moving her was no easy matter.  Removalists baulked at the task and the dream would have died then had it not been for the intervention of Maldon based friends who had experience and were prepared to give it a go.

Dismantling the house and moving every part of it required attention to detail. All the parts of the huge verandahs, for example, needed to be individually numbered so that they could be put back together precisely. Chimneys had to be dismantled and bricks transported ready for reconstruction.

Needless to say the arrival of Mount Caroline, as it was carried on two huge trucks through the main street of Maldon, caused quite a stir and speculation that it was a boarding house.

Today there is little evidence that this house was relocated. It is at one with the land, the sum total of work by so many.

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